Preferred PT Billing On-line billing for occupational and physical therapists

About Reimbursement...
You might ask yourself why go through the effort to switch your billing to Preferred PT Billing? We provide the most diligent follow-through and complete reimbursement in the medical billing industry.

Let's first talk a moment about reimbursement. With so many insurance companies, and multiple plans within those companies, physical medicine benefits vary considerably. How do we know what reimbursement can be expected? As specialists in physical therapy billing, we have accumulated thousands of insurance explanation of benefits (EOB's) from nearly as many insurance companies. We have analyzed these over the years and compiled this information to benefit your practice's reimbursement. We know, for example, United Healthcare does not allow muscle-testing (97750) as a separate code when billed with standard evaluation codes like 97001. Many of these situations exist and we can help make sure you get paid for your services.

We offer support to our clients that include education regarding coding, policy benefit limitations and more. Our goal is to provide you with a complete service. This means diligent follow-up to problems or incomplete claims. If an insurance company leaves out a service here and there it doesn't seem like that much money. In reality over the course of twelve months, it could be thousands of dollars. Preferred PT Billing prides itself on following through every line of every claim. We account for the patient's balance in its entirety.
We have the experience and knowledge to insure you are reimbursed to the fullest extent on every claim.

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