Preferred PT Billing On-line billing for occupational and physical therapists

Consider This...

Unpaid claims can severely impact
the revenue of your practice.

Let's face it. Over the last few years insurance companies have increased their demand for documentation. It is becoming more common for claims to be pended, sent to review and denied altogether than any time in the history of our health care system. This is a tremendous burden on a practice's staff. By outsourcing to us, our collecting department can follow the claim from first filing until it's final payment. Imagine the resources you will save by eliminating this burden from your practice.

Here's why:
  • Outsourcing your billing saves you money by reducing overhead. The rise of managed care plans typically means decreased reimbursements to healthcare providers. Practice revenue can only grow by adding new procedures, increasing patient volume or cutting overhead expenses. Usually, the biggest overhead expense a practice can eliminate without compromising patient care is the billing department staff.
  • In-house employees are paid salaries and benefits regardless of a practice's actual daily income. By outsourcing billing operations, practices incur expenses only after payments are received.
  • Most medical practice billing personnel have no direct incentive to increase practice revenue. At Preferred PT Billing, however, our revenue is directly linked to our ability to collect and increase our clients' revenues.
  • In every medical and dental practice the loss of staff time through sick leave, paid vacation and tardiness costs your practice thousands of dollars every year.
  • When a practice's billing staff is not able to allocate adequate time for resolving rejections and tracking unpaid claims, even larger volumes of uncollected revenue accumulate. With Preferred PT Billing's, proven procedures and cross-training among our staff means that each account receives daily, undivided attention. A key component of our management strategy is to dedicate ample staff hours to resolving rejections and unpaid claims.
Think about it. Preferred PT Billing can help you...
  • Improve and Increase Your Practice's Cash Flow
  • Reduce Practice Overhead
  • Reduce Claim Errors and Denials
  • Free Your Personnel To Focus On Other Vital Duties
After serious consideration of the above information we feel you will agree Preferred PT Billing will increase your practice's revenue.

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