Preferred PT Billing On-line billing for occupational and physical therapists

Frequently Asked Questions...
Getting you paid for your service is our highest priority. Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have specific questions not answered here please contact Todd at 877-250-6700.
  • How do we get the necessary information to you?
    By fax machine only. These faxes are processed as digital files. We store these files in a “digital file cabinet” for access as needed.
  • Who does the collections?
    PREFERRED monitors the primary, secondary and patient payments, and responds to all calls from third-party payers and patients. We handle these contacts professionally and thoroughly, reporting any problems or complaints to you immediately.
    Tracking of all open claims will ensure appropriate follow-up, which yields reimbursements in a timely manner.
  • Where do the checks go?
    All checks are paid directly to your office. EOBs and copies of checks are sent to our office for accounting once a week via USPS Priority Mail.
  • How often are the charges filed with insurance carriers?
    If charge slips are provided with complete patient information, we generally process charges within 24 hours.
  • How do you handle no pay EOBs?
    Bundle them separately and send them along with your payments by USPS Priority mail. Our expert collection staff will evaluate the denial and begin work to resolve the claim. It is scheduled for follow up and diligently handled until paid.
  • How do you handle delinquent patient balances?
    We normally send three statements; a first statement, 30 days past due statement and then final notice statement.
  • Who collects the patient co-pay/deductibles?
    Either Preferred PT Billing or the client can manage these collections. However, Preferred PT Billing charges our regular fee for all deductibles as claims still must be filed on the patient’s behalf for the deductible to be satisfied.
  • Can you help us with coding and fees?
    When you become a client, part of our service is to review your fee schedule, reimbursement and your fees. We will advise you based on your geographical region.
  • Do you charge a set-up fee?
    No, due to hard costs to Preferred PT Billing, you are charged a $295 enrollment fee for each clinic. Facilities with more than four therapists are charged $295 per facility and then $50 per therapist as staff changes or grows.
  • What do your services cost?
    We charge 8% of the collected revenue we are accounting for on new claims. Old billing is subject to a different fee schedule and handled on an individual basis.
  • Will I get my Explanation of Benefits back?
    Yes, we return all original documents to our clients.
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